NA enzyme technologies
Precision at Your Fingertips
Point-of-Care Testings for Companies and Homes
We want point-of-care tests to be user-friendly, allowing non-experts to test with ease and convenience. Whether in a clinical environment or at the comfort of your home, our technologies empower users to take control of their health by providing rapid results without the need for laboratory or training.
What is our basic technology
We use DNA-nanomachine on a basis of DNAzymes - DNA-based enzymes. They can be engineered to bind to a specific target molecule and undergo a catalytic reaction in the presence of that molecule. This catalytic reaction can generate a detectable signal, such as a color change, magnetic, luminescence or fluorescence, indicating the presence or quantity of the target molecule. We study and tame the technology that can be used for medicine, veterinary, and agricultural studies.
Where have we come from

We are company grown from scientific foundation of ITMO University. We developed from the scratch the know-how and the technology that is successfully applied to real research tasks. The core technology description can be found in Chem. Commun., 2022,58, 5395-5398 and Analyst, 2019,144, 416-420

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